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Subject:Shakes Head in Disbelief
Time:12:18 am
Look what I found:


I might just get one.
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Subject:Still here
Time:10:35 pm
Current Mood:awake
I noticed that this group is still around, and I'm friends with most of you at this point.  What have you guys been up to?
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Time:08:22 am
just found you guys, hoping I could join, or whatever.

I've always been interested in the more esoteric side of things, and my freshman year of college I got a bit into christian Mysticism, so I figured I'd look you guys up.
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Time:01:31 am
Why is this man not a saint yet? He should be.
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Time:09:27 am
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
A bunch of kooks claiming to practice angelology and various other things that they clearly don't know anything about. I'm going to dissect some of this stuff because I find it hilarious. You may think that because I am an esoteric christian I will accept anything that is remotely christian and esoteric for lack of said material..but you would be wrong. :)

There's a book published by those people called "Angels of love & light" which is the sole source of those dinky little websites you may see listing the attributes of "Archeiai". I come across them sometimes while looking up angels. According to the book, by a woman named Lynn Fischer, the archangels have female counterparts named Archeia, each of which shares the same attribute as their Archangel partner. They also correspond to chakras and "rays of light" which are basically just the colours of the chakras.

I'm going to list the supposed attributes of the archangels and "archeiai". Frankly I think they tell all on their own how absurd this whole thing is...

Will or Power

Love, Wisdom

Active Intelligence

Harmony through Conflict

Concrete Science

Idealism, Devotion

Ceremonial Order"

Where oh where do I start?
MOST of the archangels listed are indeed in most modern angelic pantheons. However, all of the names given to the Archeiai are english words for various things...virtues, pretty stuff, even a stone. The one exception is Mary, referring to the Virgin Mary. Since when was Mary an angel? Am I missing something? Some people believe she ascended, but that means all of squat; just because someone ascends doesn't make them an angel.

The worst flaw here is that the attributes for the angels are wrong, wrong, wrong.
Michael is the angel of Israel who fights for the good of the country and it's people. He also is a sort of soldier in a general way. Saying that he relates to willpower is pointlessly vague.
Jophiel is hard to pin down. I can't even be sure he exists in any ancient texts, but generally he seems to be regarded as a patron of the arts, not love.
Chamuel is, in opposite of the previous, supposedly associated with divine love, and also with war. What praytell does that have to do with "Active Intelligence"? What IS that, anyway? Couldn't she just have said "Intelligence"?
Gabriel is most certainly NOT all about "Harmony through Conflict"! Gabriel is traditionally known as the "prince of fire & thunder", a messenger, and sometimes even the angel of death. Not that any of those things are bad, but they are certainly not anything to do with harmony. He told Mary she was going to give birth, so why is Mary not paired with him?
Raphael is the angel of healing. So off the mark it hurts. Mary being ascribed to healing is also a bit dubious.
Uriel is a messenger, the angel of poetry, and sometimes attributed to biblical acts which other angels are also attributed to, so who knows if he did them or not. None of them have anything to do with idealism or devotion, no moreso than anything else the other angels do.
Zadkiel is said to be the angel of mercy & freedom who stops Abraham from killing Isaac....ceremonially. Enough said.

The website also features profiles of people they claim are ascended masters. Most of them are people I have frankly NEVER heard of in my life(With intensely asinine descriptions), and the ones that I have are thrown into a mishmosh of ridiculous and intelligence-insulting facts. Here are some lovely examples;

"Two of his well-known embodiments were Christopher Columbus and Merlin the magician, a spiritual adept who has unfortunately been mythologized. In a series of recent embodiments from the prophet Samuel to Francis Bacon, Saint Germain was the all-pervasive mind, laying the empirical foundation for an age of enlightenment, pushing back the barriers of limitation in the physical and spiritual sciences. As Roger Bacon he directed and inspired devotees of the sacred science, then in his embodiment as Saint Germain, the Wonderman of Europe, he outpictured the quintessence of the alchemists’ dream for all to see."

WHAT?! Saint Germain was said to be immortal, so how precisely is it he managed to die all of those times and reincarnate(They use the term "embodiment", so therefore they mean reincarnation)? How is it found out who he reincarnated into? Why would any of these people be associated with Saint Germain in the first place? The personalities and skills have NOTHING to do with each other, aside from them all being intelligent individuals. I guess that means all SOOPAR SMART people are reincarnations of previous SOOPAR SMART people.

"His(Saint Germain's) etheric retreats are located over Transylvania in Romania and Table Mountain in Wyoming"

So he's a mountain-climbing goth? Interesting.

"HERCULES AND AMAZONIA are the Elohim of the first ray (the blue ray) of power, perfection, the will of God, faith, and divine direction. Devotees of this ray desire to do the will of God through the power of the Father, the First Person of the Trinity. When the fiat went forth “Let there be light: and there was light” and God commanded the Matter creation to come forth out of Spirit, it was Hercules who summoned the mighty Elohim and the builders form to precipitate the divine plan of the Solar Logoi."

I'd love to know how to make my ass as large as yours, so I can pull just as much stuff out of it.

And that's all folks. Sorry if I was profane there, but hey. You would get mad reading this shit too. ;)
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Subject:Did I just stumble onto an Oasis?
Time:09:28 am
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
Just found you folks. I've been trying to sort out my issues concerning Christianity and Magick (which has NOT been easy, BTW)...this looks community looks like it may be helpful.

Thank you for being here!!!

Blessings and Greetings from Burbank,

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Current Music:Blind Guardian
Subject:I finally scanned in my design.
Time:10:37 pm
Current Mood:accomplished
Ok, back when I entered the community, I mentioned that I dabbled with sigils, and that I'd have to scan in some of my designs. I finally scanned in my tattoo design that will go across my shoulders and down my back. It contains one of my sigils in the center, though due to the small size of this first rough draft, I couldn't write in the angel names and the inscription around the outer circle. This is my own design and is very personal to me, please do not copy it, or reproduce it. Feel free to show it to as many people as you like, and I'd love any feedback also.


Feel free to look around at my other photos in the album as well. Mostly pics from geeky conventions, not related to this community, but you may find them amuzing.
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Current Music:Libera Me from the Faure Requiem
Subject:Jesus was a radical...
Time:10:22 am
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
and we need to be as well, to get the Religious Right out of power. http://www.utne.com/pub/2005_128/promo/11572-1.html
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Current Music:Dick Lee - Autumn Returns
Subject:Long time no post
Time:09:34 pm
Just wanted to let y'all know that I'm still around.

Things are starting to gear up for a good (yearly) Retreat in the Order to which I belong. I'm one of the people involved with an esoteric studies group in the Order, and we are considering a few ideas re workings to do during the retreat. Anybody know anything about Qaballistic pathworking or have any rituals related to pathworking that we could crib?

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Time:10:10 pm
Apologies if this is unrelated to the community-

I am looking for information about the Tetragrammaton in the Human Heart (image can be found here.) I'm considering getting this as a tattoo, but obviously would reconsider if its meaning was somthing i did not like/agree with.

This is an etching by Jakob Böhme. In his book he described it as "For we men have one book in common which points to God. Each has it within himself, which is the priceless Name of God." Basically, i am interested in it's symbolic value and what the lettering is (hebrew and otherwise) in a less vague terms than what Böhme described. ANY helps is appreciated.
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